How to Play in Live Casino? An Useful Live Casino Guide for Players

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Welcome to the World of Live Casino

A wide number of online casinos already provide a comprehensive selection of casino games with live dealers. Live dealer casinos have made progress toward becoming a well-liked pastime thanks to ongoing technological advancements, quicker computing equipment, and expanding bandwidth.

The goal of online casinos has always been to best replicate the live gaming experience and make it resemble that provided by brick-and-mortar land-based casinos as much as possible. Live dealer casinos are one of the newest and most popular ways to play casino games online while still gaining real-world experience.

Live Dealer Casinos’ Past

Online casinos have quickly grown in popularity over the past 20 years and are now among the most popular places for individuals to unwind. The majority of websites entice visitors with alluring promos, fantastic casino games, regular special offers, and first-rate customer service.

Therefore, a lot of players may now enjoy live dealer casino games because to advancements in Internet connections, higher network speeds, and better computers.Online gambling has developed significantly over the past ten years, and live dealer casino games in particular, have become so popular that they can now compete favorably with traditional casinos.
The biggest challenge was probably the inability of online casinos to provide the same social experiences as traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. However, the rise of online casinos has been fueled by technological advancement, convenience, a wide selection of games, and promotional incentives.

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What’s the Process at a Live Dealer Casino

Live dealer casinos, as previously said, offer a novel way to give clients a realistic experience when it comes to classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.Although roulette is quickly approaching its potential to challenge blackjack as one of the most popular games to play at live tables, blackjack remains one of the most popular games to play online.

The primary operating idea of a live dealer casino is straightforward: to communicate with players, the casinos employ video streaming. The video broadcast reaches the players and this is how the interaction between the casino and the players is facilitated.
In actuality, several casinos that provide live video streaming don’t actually use live casino dealers. When it comes to playing poker online, this is especially accurate.The live dealer has been replaced by a computer simulation, but the games still contain a random number generator.

The live dealer games initially have an appearance that is quite similar to the online versions of traditional casinos. The player’s chips, a few buttons for placing bets or performing other gameplay-related actions, as well as the basic table layout, are all managed through a customized interface, which also handles a major portion of the game’s other operations. The portion of the screen where players may watch the live dealer is the particular feature that is there. The latter does all of the tasks that would typically be performed in a physical casino, including as dealing cards and spinning the roulette wheel.Additionally, the dealer will respond in real-time in accordance with the player’s actions.

Live dealers are typically seen in a real casino setting or on a specific set owned by the online casino. Because of this, the table and game components utilized to calculate the results are 100% true.

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Casino Live Dealer Industry

As was already said, live dealer games are a relatively recent invention that is gaining popularity over the globe quickly. Of course, the majority of these games are available in Europe’s legalized nations, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, etc.Because of the industry’s continued expansion, live dealer casino game profits are now seen as accounting for a sizable portion of the profits of market leaders.

The best part is that playing live dealer games doesn’t require any special software because the top online casinos already have them built into their usual casino lobby. Therefore, all a player needs to do to play their preferred games in live casino style is click a tab, load, and play.

Additionally, live dealer casino games may now be played on mobile for those players who choose to use their portable devices thanks to advancements in computer and mobile technology.Because mobile technology is always evolving, more websites are adding mobile versions of their live dealer casino games on their platforms.

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How Many live Casinos Are There in The World

Several US states have passed legislation making internet gambling legal, but many foreign casinos welcome players from all US jurisdictions. Despite the rather constrained selection, live dealer casinos are likely to keep growing.

Microgaming is the sole significant supplier of live stream gaming services in Canada. The following casinos are open to players from Canada: 32Red, Platinum Play, Royal Vegas, Roxy Palace, and Betway. Europe and Asia are vying for top place in terms of live dealer casinos per population when it comes to the regions that are home to the majority of live dealer casinos.

Every ardent gambler dreams of taking the plunge in one of Asia’s upscale casino resorts, which are found in Macau, Singapore, and the Philippines. Regarding live dealer casinos, the existing limitations imposed by country authorities restrict the spread of remote gambling activities, but the majority of live dealer casinos headquartered in Europe accept players from Asia. Playtech, one of the top software producers, has its headquarters in the Philippines.

Speaking of European nations, we must highlight Spain, Malta, the UK, Latvia, Ireland, and Isle of Man. Malta is recognized as the gambling capital of Europe, and the headquarters of some of the top casino operators are also located there.

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Recommended Sites to Play Livc Casino

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You can read more about the information of live casino in this guide. These live casino​ guides include all the information you need to know about the licensing, the operating mechanism, and the key components of live casino.

Live Dealers Casino Licensing

With a live dealer who reacts to their actions, live dealer casinos give players the opportunity to test their luck in an online casino. A live video streaming link is used to transmit the feed. The players’ computers have a specific console on which they place their bets, and this console also gives them the option to text chat with the dealer.

License Conditions

The first licensing prerequisite is the necessity that software providers be given a license in the nation in which they wish to conduct business.These licenses are granted by specific gambling commissions and other agencies who are in charge of regulating and supervising the casino and gaming sectors in each nation.

Thereafter, a second “licensing” process is carried out because casinos located on a country’s territory must receive a “license” from the software vendor in addition to an operating license from the local government. The latter must provide a specific online casino their express permission before being given the chance to use its platform and incorporate its games into their selection.

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U.K. Gambling Commission

The regulating agency in charge of policing the majority of gambling types on British soil is the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom. Under the guidelines of the Gambling Act of 2005, the Commission was formally constituted in 2007. It is an exclusive non-departmental public entity that is supported by the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport.

It replaced the Gaming Board of the United Kingdom and now oversees betting, casinos, arcades, bingo, gambling machine and software manufacturers, online gambling sites, lottery operators, and external lottery managers. However, the U.K. Gambling Commission does not regulate every type of gambling.Spread betting, for instance, is currently subject to Financial Conduct Authority regulation.

The Commission’s primary duties revolve around combating crime in the gaming sector. It has the right to grant licenses to casino gaming companies, including those who have their remote gambling infrastructure located on British soil. The Commission must also provide a license to operators that wish to market their services in the nation but are not based there.

In addition to monitoring and regulating the industry, the Commission has the authority to impose penalties and suspend licenses.

Italy AAMS

AAMS-Italy Italian criminal law now declares all forms of gambling to be illegal, whether they take place in a private club or a public space. However, Italian law has established a distinction between skill-based and luck-based games. Due to this, some gambling activities, such lotteries and sports betting, are currently lawful and subject to regulation by the nation’s responsible authorities.
Only the State has the authority to legalize particular forms of gaming. It is represented by AAMS (Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies), a government agency with the jurisdiction to grant specialized licenses.

It controls a range of gambling-related difficulties. Gaming, betting, lotteries, and other similar operations are under the control of AAMS, which not only grants gambling licenses to service providers and businesses but also upholds all administrative gambling laws. The Administration oversees all operations in accordance with the relevant laws and rules.

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Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

The Gibraltar Regulatory Act’s regulations led to the creation of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority in 2000. The Authority is the legally designated entity in charge of overseeing and controlling all electronic communications, including broadcast transmissions, telecommunications, and radio communications.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is in charge of overseeing and regulating the nation’s gambling industry. The authority complies with the national law of the nation as well as the EU’s national casino and gambling regulations.

In October 2006, the Gambling Act of 2005 entered into force, and the Authority was formally named the nation’s gambling commissioner. According to the conditions of the licenses they possess, it grants licenses and oversees the activities of the license holders.The Gambling Act’s rules are followed in all activities that are special to the authority.

Malta Gaming Authority

The regulatory organization in charge of regulating both offline and internet gambling in Malta is called the Malta Gaming Authority. Although it is an independent authority, it is entitled to the duties and authority that come with a top-notch regulatory setting and only technical skills, giving it the chance to give top-notch service.

The Lotteries and Other Games Act of the nation of 2001 specifies the duties of the Malta Gaming Authority. To guarantee that gaming in Malta is fair and transparent to players, it is necessary to impose adequate regulation on the various gaming business sectors.To protect the most vulnerable players, the nation’s gaming authority must also combat criminality, corruption, and money laundering activities.

Casinos, casinos on cruise ships, remote gaming, various entertainment machines, advertising lotteries, commercial bingo halls, the national lottery, and non-profit games are all included in the activities of the Malta Gaming Commission.

Gambling Supervision Commission

The Isle of Man’s Gaming Control Board is currently the Gambling Supervision Commission. The Commission, which was founded in 1962, is responsible for regulating most types of gambling in the country, including those found in casinos, entertainment centers, and slot machines, as well as in lotteries, betting shops, and online gambling services.

The Commission was established primarily to safeguard players’ interests and guarantee the integrity of the nation’s gambling industry. The Commission’s primary duties revolve around granting licenses to gambling businesses and supervising them.Additionally, it is necessary to direct and collaborate with casino and gaming operators throughout the application process for licenses as well as to keep an eye on all of the operations of those who already hold licenses, including regulating their marketing efforts.

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Directorate of Offshore Gambling

The nation’s Directorate of Offshore Gambling now issues licenses and maintains oversight over the relatively few gaming establishments that are situated and functional on the territory of Antigua. The websites that have a license from the Directorate are the ones that are permitted to provide gaming in Antigua.

It is the latter’s obligation to hold gambling establishments and service providers that offer casino games, poker, bingo, and other games of chance accountable for their fairness.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the governing body in charge of overseeing casinos and gambling in the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. Three land-based poker rooms, several online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbook websites are currently under the jurisdiction, supervision, and regulation of the regulator.

In accordance with the Kahnawake Gaming Law, the Commission was created in 1996. Three years later, the rules governing interactive gaming were put into effect.


The acronym for the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is eCOGRA. It is a testing organization with London as its base. The business, which was founded and launched its first official self-regulation program in 2003, is also in charge of standard organization and player protection.

The company oversees internet gaming in several different jurisdictions. Additionally, it has shifted its emphasis to include services for markets that are already subject to regulation. Its regulations are primarily focused on fair and responsible gambling, enforcing eGAP rules, and maintaining constant oversight and control.

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Interactive Gaming Council

Currently operating in Canada, the Interactive Gaming Council is a non-profit organization. It began operations in the United States in 1996 before moving to Canada four years later. The Council was established to give parties that are interested in discussing problems and issues of common interest the chance to look for fair and responsible trading standards and practices when it comes to gaming-related goods and services.

A growing number of European countries, including as the U.K., Italy, Spain, Malta, France, Gibraltar, Denmark, etc., have granted licenses and regulations to all members of the Interactive Gaming Council.

Remote Gambling Association

In August 2014, the Remote Gambling Association started operating entirely. The Interactive Gaming, Gambling and Betting Association and the Association of Remote Gambling Operators, popularly known as ARGO, merged to become it.

The Association’s mission is to organize for the advantages and services of online gaming providers. In order to safeguard the most vulnerable players, it should also promote social responsibility and good standards in the betting and gaming business.

The Operating Mechanism and Key Components of a Live Casino

The Mechanism of a Live Casino

How do live casinos operate? Live casinos are a relatively new type of internet gaming that simulates the action found in physical casinos. Live casinos can provide players with a higher payout % than other casino game kinds, and the player can bet from the comfort of their own home.

While some contend that only slots have a higher return on investment (RTP), others believe that table games—despite the well-known house edge—bring in bigger earnings.However, data indicate that the total payback rates for live casinos and land-based casinos are nearly identical.

Globally renowned and well-liked live casinos use the gaming industry’s top developers’ software, including Playtech, Amaya Gaming, Microgaming, and Realtime Gaming. The fact that a human dealer operates the games in real-time while allowing players to participate via a console on their computer is what makes live casinos so thrilling.One of the features provided is live chat in case they have a query or need assistance.

The dealer’s physical transactions are converted into data needed by the software, or more precisely, using a process known as optical character recognition (OCR). With the latter, the player can participate in the casino game without realizing the difference between a live dealer casino and a physical location. Additionally, rather than being determined by an automated system, the game results are decided by a human.

Live games are quite popular with players, but they also cost the casino a lot in terms of personnel and equipment.A cameraman, croupiers, an IT manager, and a pit boss are often employed by an ordinary casino studio. One of the primary causes of the live dealer casinos’ limited game selection is their high operating costs. Sic bo, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette may all be played at the majority of them. The price of maintaining virtual games is far lower in contrast.

A live casino has three or more rooms. A live studio is included in the first one, a software room is included in the second, and an analyst room is also necessary. However, this arrangement may differ from casino to casino.

You might also be able to watch live games on the casino’s TV channel or on your smartphone, depending on the casino you choose.
You can learn more about the elements of live casinos below, along with a quick explanation of what they do and how they may make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

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Key Live Casino Components


It goes without saying that cameras are crucial to the effective streaming of live sports. The most recent technology developments allowed for the employment of smaller but more potent cameras to relay the live feeds.

Consider the game of roulette as an illustration. Three independent cameras are typically used at a roulette table to capture images of the wheel, the table, and the overall scene. The third camera shows the so-called picture-in-picture display.

A Game Controller

The Game Control Unit is most likely the live casino’s most crucial part. There is a GCU attached to each table. The equipment, which is no larger than a shoebox, is in charge of encoding the broadcast footage.The GCU is the real expert who helps the dealer manage the game. In a word, without the GCU, no live game is possible.


The live casino area may also have a wheel depending on the game. Wheels typically have built-in sensors, and the casino software interfaces with them. Casinos collaborate with leading casino configuration manufacturers.


As previously said, dealers are in charge of running the game, thus a player cannot tell the tiniest difference between playing in an online format and playing traditional casino games. A self-respecting casino wouldn’t put up with a dealer who didn’t know the rules of the game, so they put them through extensive training.With the advancement of technology, a smart card could now track every move the dealer made.

live casino photo11


What online gamers view on their displays can be displayed on the monitor. You’d be better off sitting at a different position if you don’t want to be seen on the screen. The so-called “blind spots” are present in most cameras.

The dealer also benefits from having a monitor since it motivates them to act when necessary and allows them to keep track of the bets that can be opened and closed. The dealer can view the online players on the monitor as well.Because players and dealers may communicate live, as was already indicated, any problem is quickly resolved.

Areas with the Highest Number of Studios

In order to avoid being let down in the end, it would be beneficial to keep in mind the information below if you are new to playing at live dealer casinos yet find the activity to be entertaining and lucrative.

You must consider the nation in where the provider is based when weighing the benefits and drawbacks of opening an account at a live dealer casino.The wisest course of action is generally to choose another casino if you are unable to locate any information regarding the operator’s location. The majority of the time, live dealer casinos stream from either their own on-site live casino or a conventional land-based casino.

The kind of software they employ and the caliber of the live stream are additional signs that you should avoid that casino.A casino is usually not worth opening an account at if you have problems placing bets, contacting the live chat operator, etc.

Even if you do not keep up with global casino business developments, you have undoubtedly heard of some of the most alluring gaming locales on the planet. There aren’t many nations that provide casino games in an internet format, but thankfully more and more governments are considering making remote gambling activities legal.

Optical Camera Recognition Technology

The live casino sector has successfully incorporated the Optical Camera Recognition. In a nutshell, this is the technology that captures each and every nuance of the gaming environment and enables players to transmit it to them over a video link. On a console shown on their computer screen, players can place their wagers. There is also a live chat operator available if they require assistance.
Everything can be converted into a useful piece of electronic data thanks to OCR. The procedure of playing a live dealer casino game is extremely similar to that of games found in brick and mortar casinos since the Optical Camera Recognition technology captures every movement, including the distribution of hands, the spinning of the wheel, and the shuffling of the cards.

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The Stages of the Gaming Process

The gameplay phases may alter slightly depending on the game you are playing. We’ll assume you’re going to play roulette.
The dealer will first be shot, then the casino’s software will change the image to make it work with the live feed and the user’s interactive interface. The created data will then be transmitted by the server and made available to all players.

After the players have placed their wagers, the dealer will need some further information. Players will place their wagers in the interim, and the casino’s software will process them.The notification “No more bets” will be made, and players will be made aware of it via the server. To put it another way, the betting buttons won’t be engaged.

The outcome of the wheel spin will then be recorded by the cameras that are available. The information regarding who won and who lost will be shown on the players’ screens in a matter of seconds, letting them know the results. After the round is over, if a player wants to keep playing, they must repeat the aforementioned procedures.

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