Alexander Nübel reiterates that he won’t return to Bayern Munich if Manuel Neuer remains

by | 2 October, 2022 | Bundesliga News

Alexander Nübel

Alexander Nübel

Bayern Munich loanee Alexander Nübel is enjoying his time with AS Monaco.

The talented 26-year-old has shown that he has the chops to be a starting goalkeeper and seems like he could easily transition to an even bigger club when his loan expires next summer.

Would he consider a return to Bavaria? Not if Manuel Neuer is there the starter with Bayern Munich.

Nübel does not dislike Neuer — quite the contrary actually — but he does not want to be Neuer’s apprentice any longer.

“Game time is definitely the most important thing. If Manuel is still at Bayern, and he does have a contract until 2024, it makes no sense to go back. I have a contract at Bayern, but I also think for them it makes no sense to have both me and Manuel,” Nübel told Get French Football News journalist Luke Entwistle. “There are good options to play at a good level. Everything is open. (Monaco) are also an option, of course.”

Ultimately, another strong season in France will make Nübel an attractive option for many clubs. Will anyone be intrigued enough to make Bayern Munich a good offer to buy the goalkeeper? That is what many people want to know…including Nübel.