Bavarian Fitness Works: How Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller eludes injuries

by | 3 October, 2022 | Bundesliga News

Thomas Müller :Is beer a good way of preventing injuries?

Thomas Müller :Is beer a good way of preventing injuries?

Thomas Müller is evergreen. Thomas Müller is inevitable. The 33-year-old attacker/midfielder is almost always never injured and is pretty much available and guaranteed a starting spot in the team. Bayern Munich’s Raumdeuter said in an interview from 2020 that the secret behind his spotless injury record is not being muscular like other footballers.

“Less muscles is my secret”, Müller said at the time. That same interview was the one where he uttered the immortal words:

We at Bayern we have Robert Lewan-Lewangoalski. You know? Robert Lewangoalski!

Comedy gold!

Anyway, it looks like Müller has updated his regime and said that he takes very good care of his body and made the necessary changes. “I pay a lot of attention to my body and over the last few years I’ve tried to make even more adjustments, for example in terms of regeneration and nutrition”, Müller told Welt (via @iMiaSanMia).

The legend of Bavaria is apparently fascinated with breathing, hinting that he may be doing breathing exercises. “The topic of breathing also fascinates me”, he said. “It runs subconsciously and is very important for the organism. If you can optimize it, you have enormous influence on your body.”