Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman seeking to become a complete attacker

by | 20 September, 2022 | Bundesliga News

The Frenchman wants to see game keep evolving.

The Frenchman wants to see game keep evolving.

Despite his recent injury, Bayern Munich star Kingsley Coman is always seeking ways to improve his game and is not yet satisfied with his development.

“I’m working hard. With age and experience, you develop and know better. I’m on a good way to become the player that I want to be. This year would be a good year to show that,” Coman told kicker’s Georg Holzner.

Specifically, Coman wants his game to evolve into becoming a complete attacker, who can be a threat in the first minute — and the 90th as well.

“It’s a player that creates a lot of chances and scores goals — not only at the start of games but also in the end. It’s a player that helps his teammates become better and a player that plays well in the big games,” said Coman.

To help with that progress, Coman is going to have to fend off some strong competition in the attack from his teammates. Playing time will have to be earned this season and Coman seems like he has the mentality to compete every week for a starting role.