BFW Roundtable: Who do we want Bayern Munich to face in the Champions League Quarterfinals?

by | 17 March, 2023 | Bundesliga News

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

The Champions League Round of 16 has finished and leaves just eight teams in the Quarterfinals: Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Chelsea FC, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Benfica, Real Madrid, and Napoli. The draw for the Quarterfinals will be on Friday, March 17th.

Seeing that we have all eight teams in the pot, we will now detail who we want to get in the QFs and who we want to avoid. Let’s see who they are:

Want: Manchester City
Avoid: Real Madrid
City vs Bayern is the marquee tie the world has been longing for, that I have been longing for ever since the start of Hansi Flick’s reign at the club. Arguably the two best club sides since 2019, the world needs to see this game. Additionally, City are hardly the toughest task for Bayern in the Champions League with their dominating possession-based style incredibly inviting for a cheeky counter attacking based system from Nagelsmann.

Madrid are clearly the team to avoid for Bayern, however. Their aura in the CL is unmatched and unlike City, they would be happy to counter Bayern which would be a dangerous prospect.