Is Germany losing too many of its new generation to other countries? Paul Wanner might be next

by | 16 March, 2023 | Bundesliga News

Photo by Hendrik Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Photo by Hendrik Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here are the depressing facts: After suffering a national embarrassment by crashing out in the 2018 World Cup in the group stages, Germany did it again in the 2022 World Cup.

Two times Hansi Flick’s men fell at the first hurdle of the World Cup. Words cannot begin to describe the humiliation the nation felt at such sporting failure.

However, after crashing out of the 2022 World Cup, amid all the disappointment, frustration and despair, there was one prevailing thought among all German fans: There needs to be a reset. Things cannot keep going on like this.

Things need to be adjusted. Germany’s next generation will need to provide the impetus to get Germany performing well on the international stage again.

But where will this next generation of talent come from? While the likes of Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala are set to become lynchpins for Germany for over a decade, the potential supporting cast is thinning out. Because these young players are choosing to not represent Germany.