Is PSG’s Lionel Messi casting an eye toward the future with Bayern Munich just months after Cristiano Ronaldo was rejected?

by | 22 March, 2023 | Bundesliga News, Ligue 1 News

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Just a few weeks ago, Bayern Munich was tasked with ending Lionel Messi’s Champions League season — a job that the Bavarians took very seriously en route to dispatching Paris Saint-Germain from the competition.

Given how it all played out, you might think some members of PSG are still stinging from the premature exit and perhaps, were a little bitter toward Bayern Munich.

Not Messi.

In fact, Messi took to Instagram to “like” a post of Joshua Kimmich.

Is Messi giving away his plans for the future with a seemingly innocuous action on social media.



Surely, Bayern Munich would be willing to spend the €200 million that Al Hilal is reportedly ready to pay Messi in salary…right? At a minimum, it would be a nice shot for Messi to fire at Cristiano Ronaldo after Bayern Munich turned down the Portuguese star last summer.

In reality, the chances are slim that Messi even saw this post, let alone liked it. Whoever is running his social media, probably forgot to change accounts (a major faux pas in 2023) when liking Bayern Munich’s post.