Manuel Neuer: Angelique Kerber reveals ‘intense’ process of building skincare line

by | 7 December, 2022 | Bundesliga News

Angelique Kerber

Tennis player Angelique Kerber has discussed the ‘intense’ process of building a skincare line with Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Tennis player Angelique Kerber has discussed the ‘intense’ process of building a skincare line with Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The German pair, who have both been incredibly successful in their respective sports, announced the launch of a number of sun protection products last month.

They were prompted to create the line after suffering from dangerous sun damage, with Neuer revealing that he had endured three operations to remove skin cancer from his face, and Kerber experiencing hyperpigmentation.

Kerber, a three-time Grand Slam winner, has now spoken more about the process behind the creation of the skincare brand.

How did Angelique Kerber and Manuel Neuer meet?

The sporting pair met when Kerber attended a Bayern Munich match, and they crossed paths several times after.

“And then one day, we just spoke about things besides tennis,” Kerber explained to the WTA Tour’s website. “He [Neuer] has his own story, like my story, with the sun.

“We came together about two years ago and really discussed a business idea that we can do together. Something special, something that means a lot to us, but also where we had a lot of experience.”

The duo started working with Paedi Protect AG, a company that manufactures skin products.

Kerber and Neuer were responsible for the formulas for the products, the line’s name, recycled packaging, marketing and distribution.

“It’s a long process, I can tell you,” Kerber laughed. “We had so many Zoom calls, so many meetings. The products we tried and gave our feedback. We changed it, we tried again.

“We put a lot of attention on it. Because we said when we go out, we want to have the best product.

“All this stuff, where you don’t think about this in the beginning. You think, ‘OK, let’s do something,’ – and that’s it. But it’s a really long way, and a really intense way.”

What motivated Angelique Kerber and Manuel Neuer during the process?

The pair’s own experience with sun damage kept them motivated while creating their product.

Kerber emphasised the need to provide an education on the dangers of the sun.

“Hey, we need to be sensitive to the UV rays,” she said. “If people find a really dark spot or light spot on their skin to be not afraid to go to the doctor.

“Making all the checks once or twice a year with the dermatologist and this is what we want to educate. For the kids, for everyone.

“I think we did a good job and I’m really proud of what we did. I’m really looking forward to the feedback of the people.”