Report: Bayern Munich players still have issues with Julian Nagelsmann

by | 12 October, 2022 | Bundesliga News

Things are getting better between the coach and players at Bayern Munich

Things are getting better between the coach and players at Bayern Munich

According to a report from Sport Bild (as captured by @iMiaSanMia), Bayern Munich’s players are still a wee bit irritated with manager Julian Nagelsmann, but do acknowledge that the coach has made some improvements.

What exactly are the pain points, you ask? Let’s take a look at the information contained in the Sport Bild report:

The players internally criticize Nagelsmann over 3 points:

• The lack of successful reactions to in-game situations

• Inexplicable substitutions and tactical changes mid-games

• His ‘one-man-show’ and impulsive appearances on the sideline

Some of those same things seem to have irked some fans as well.
True, not true, or whatever, it does appear that there is still at least a little bit of a gap between the players and coaching staff. Like any matter among players and coaches, though, winning — maybe a Champions League this year? — and communication will likely heal all wounds.
So…what do the players think Nagelsmann has improved upon? It appears his communication with players is much better than it was previously:

On the other hand, the players believe Nagelsmann has improved in some points. He’s having individual conversations with players more than ever & is defending his players in public conversations (as he did when he defended Kimmich against the criticism recently).