VfL Wolfsburg and KVG agree on strategic partnership

by | 21 December, 2022 | Bundesliga News


Wolfsburg and KVG

VfL Wolfsburg has a new sustainability partner. With Malaysian company KVG (Kenaf Venture Global), the club is looking to take a stand against the concerning worldwide trend of using environmentally harmful materials and also create greater awareness of sustainability in this area.

Kenaf as a core element to the campaign

KVG is a leading manufacturer of renewable materials which are produced in Malaysia from kenaf, a plant found in Northern African and Mediterranean countries which can be transformed into fibres and oil and used to make paper and textiles amongst others. Since 2020, VfL has been supporting the United Nations’ “Race To Zero” campaign and has set itself the target of reducing all its greenhouse gas emissions – regardless whether they are produced directly or indirectly by football-club-related activities – to net zero by 2025. This is where KVG comes in, having recognised the potential of this modern raw material and with a desire to create awareness for it around the world.

The cooperation between the two parties will also give Malaysian youngsters the chance to improve their footballing skills, with VfL Wolfsburg’s expertise in that area being put to good and educational use as part of the KVG Football Corporate Youth Programme, which will provide training for talented Malaysian youngsters in sport in general and football in particular. The key element here will be the expertise and staff at the VfL Football School.

“Very interesting market”

“We feel very privileged to have a new partner on board in the form of KVG, as international partnerships are very important for us when it comes to driving football globally,” said VfL managing director Michael Meeske. “The Malaysian market is a very interesting for us, as is South-East Asia in general. A partnership like this is a good reference case for bringing football to this area overall. We’re looking forward to an exciting partnership and what is to follow.”

“Work together on a low-carbon future“

“We are convinced that through our cooperation with VfL Wolfsburg, we will be able to make a contribution to achieving net zero emissions and work together on a low-carbon future,” said Jazman Shahar, CEO of KVG. “We are particularly pleased to be working with a partner from a country which takes environmental protection seriously and that is committed to a progressive and sustainable future.”

[Source: .vfl-wolfsburg.de.com]