World Cup Watch: Germany’s Niclas Füllkrug admires Thomas Müller’s leadership ability

by | 1 December, 2022 | Bundesliga News, World Cup News



Niclas Füllkrug’s first World Cup for Germany has been mired in controversy both inside and outside the national team locker room.

The myriad of issues that have been discussed about the tournament, coupled with Germany’s in-term indecision on whether or not to protest — or even how to protest — has not made this an easy experience for anyone.

In those times, a team will need a leader and Füllkrug thinks Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller.

“Thomas is an absolute leader. He gives you the feeling that you can relax and laugh sometimes, even when things weren’t going so well on the pitch. It’s my first time with him in a team. He’s incredibly focused in training. He will remain important to us,” Füllkrug said

When asked if Müller was his role model, Füllkrug said “No” — and rightfully so. At 29-years-old, Füllkrug is just four years young than Müller, which would make having him as a role model…a little weird.

“Thomas is close to my age, so he wasn’t really a role model but I watched him a lot. I looked up to Miro Klose when I was a kid in 2002. Otherwise, I’ve always tried to become my own player, so I didn’t really have a big idol,” Füllkrug said.

Leadership will certainly be at the forefront of Germany’s effort against Costa Rica. A game like this can be determined by how well the players hold themselves accountable for fulfilling their duties on the pitch.