Maddison shares what he’d say if he had a sister dating Bukayo Saka

by | 7 December, 2022 | EPL News

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka

James Maddison has raved about Bukayo Saka in an interview with talkSPORT and joked that he would be delighted if he had a sister and they were set to go on a date with the Arsenal star.

Saka appears to be one of the most universally popular footballers in the game today. The Gunners starlet is obviously one of the biggest talents in the country. He has been outstanding for Arsenal this season.

But away from the pitch, he appears to be an amazing role model. There is rarely any controversy linked to Saka. And he certainly sets a brilliant example for the youngsters looking to make the grade at Arsenal.

Maddison loves Saka
Ally McCoist sparked a debate this week by suggesting that he would be very happy if he had a daughter and they were dating Jude Bellingham. The talkSPORT pundit was less complimentary about Jack Grealish.

Those comments were put to Maddison in an interview while he is at the World Cup. And he was subsequently asked which players in the current England squad he would be happy with having as a son in law.

And he suggested that Saka was the obvious pick.

“The first one who springs to mind I think is Bukayo Saka,” he told talkSPORT.

“B’s just such a nice kid. I saw Luke talk about B. I saw Jack about B. And you just get this relationship with him. He’s such a nice guy to everyone that you build such a good relationship with him.

“And if I had a sister or a daughter and they said to me: ‘oh I’m going on a date with Bukayo Saka’, I’d be like: ‘enjoy yourself. Let him pay, but enjoy yourself’.”

You would not be surprised if many of the England players did pick out Saka. He seems to be extremely well-liked in the camp. As Maddison notes, both Luke Shaw and Jack Grealish have raved about him in recent times.

Certainly, many England and Arsenal fans would suggest that they are incredibly proud to have someone like Saka representing them.

And it is fantastic to hear that he is just as popular behind the scenes as he seems to be to all of us on the outside.