Oral sex tour model who bonked Chelsea player brands Ronaldo’s girlfriend ‘arrogant’

by | 15 December, 2022 | EPL News

Paolo Saulino said Georgina Rodríguez has been blessed with

Paolo Saulino said Georgina Rodríguez has been blessed with “undeserved success”

A racy model who’s been romantically linked to a Chelsea footballer has slammed Cristiano Ronaldo‘s girlfriend.

Paola Saulino, who once went on an oral sex tour after “swaying” a referendum in Italy, thinks Georgina Rodríguez should stop airing her opinions on football.

Georgina, 28, hit out at the Portugal boss for dropping Ronaldo, 37, for the defeat to Morocco in the World Cup quarter-final.

But Paola, 33, says being Ronaldo’s partner does not make you a football expert.

Airing her support for Morocco in the World Cup, she said: “I prefer the humility of the Morocco player’s mum to the haughty attitude of Georgina Rodríguez who only has to thank Ronaldo for not being a shop assistant anymore.

“Now she wants to talk about football by commenting on the choices of the Portugal coach, as if she knows about tactical and technical schemes.

“Being Ronaldo’s girlfriend doesn’t make her a soccer expert. It is better for her to be the ‘girlfriend of’ without going into the merits of topics which she is not competent.”

[Source: dailystar.co.uk]