Barcelona: Club could lose Gavi for free after court decision

by | 24 March, 2023 | LaLiga News



Barcelona could lose wonderkid Gavi for free after a court ruled in favour of La Liga rejecting the registration of his contract.

What’s going on with Gavi’s Barcelona contract?
The midfielder signed professional terms in September 2022 on a long-term deal, but the registration of this contract was rejected by La Liga.

There is a legal dispute over the registration of this deal, with La Liga claiming that Barcelona filed the paperwork too late, and this has now been approved.

Gavi can still play for Barcelona, as per The Athletic, but his shirt number will revert from number six to his academy number 30, and they will have to formally register him at the end of the season.

“The court had made a final ruling: to lift the temporary injunction that had forced it to recognise Gavi’s first-team registration,” the report in the Athletic stated.

“La Liga said it would change his registration ‘over the coming days’. Barcelona, meanwhile, continue to claim they filed the necessary paperwork on time, and told The Athletic they intend to further appeal.”