Robert Lewandowski talks summer move, favourite goals, Barcelona youngsters

by | 3 October, 2022 | LaLiga News

Robert Lewandowski talks summer move

Robert Lewandowski talks summer move

Barcelona forward Robert Lewandowski has said that regardless of his stature of being a potent goalscorer, he believes the long-range goals are keeping him back.

Speaking in a candid interview, the veteran striker talked about several aspects, including his move to Barcelona and his views on Barcelona’s generational talents among others. But first, he said that he would love to more score long rangers.

“The goals that come from a distance [is missing] because I don’t move in these areas much,” he was quoted as saying by SPORTOWY.

Although, when asked about his most memorable strikes, the Poland forward was particular to point out the five goals he scored in nine minutes while playing for Bayern Munich against Wolfsburg in the German Bundesliga.

“The five goals I scored in 9 minutes [are the most memorable goals]. There were more important goals, like the one against Portugal in the European Championship,” he added.

Lewandowski practically forced himself out of Bayern Munich to join Barcelona after a reported falling out with the German champions. Speaking about it, the star forward explained that playing in Spain is something he always dreamt of.

“I’ve always wanted to play in La Liga, living in Spain was my dream, and not just in sports. I feel refreshed now,” he explained.

“I didn’t talk to anyone from Barcelona before moving. I was personally aware of the club I was going to and I didn’t think about what was happening in Barcelona, it’s a great challenge.

“I didn’t follow exactly what was happening on the Internet, and I didn’t want to follow it because I don’t need it,” he added.

Furthermore, when quipped about his tenure so far with the Catalan club, Lewandowski said that he thought playing the pre-season games would be difficult because he wasn’t particularly prepared.

Judging by the performances he put, the 34-year-old said that he, himself, was surprised with the returns.

“The preparatory period was tough, I expected it to be weaker, I’m positively surprised, it was similar or even more difficult than it was in Bayern Munich.

“We are improving every week, with every game I can see the difference over the weeks, everything is on the right track,” said the former Bayern Munich frontman.

Speaking ahead, the veteran said that he is still in the learning phase of trying to speak Spanish. This is mostly because there are a few players in the dressing room who don’t understand English.

“I am still learning Spanish and I understand many things now. In the dressing room, there are 2 or 3 players who do not understand English, but the staff and coaches speak English,” he said.

Lastly, the 34-year-old admitted that he is pretty much surprised with the readiness the likes of Alejandro Balde, Pedri and Ansu Fati have shown at such young age, saying that he is ‘amazed at their maturity.’