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Juventus directors

Juventus directors

Juventus and other clubs involved in the sporting trial regarding inflated transfer values were cleared of allegations in April 2022, but the case could be re-opened, leading to consequences for the Bianconeri.

As we’ve already explained here, Juventus, Napoli, Sampdoria and several other Serie A clubs and directors were cleared of allegations of inflating transfer values in April 2022. It is hard to determine the actual transfer value of a football player, but the Bianconeri are in more trouble given that they are also suspected of having hidden payments to the stock exchange market and the FIGC.

As of today, 16 Juventus directors are under investigation for alleged false accounting and false communication to the market, but the criminal inquiry hasn’t led to a new sporting investigation.

As explained by La Gazzetta Dello Sport, there are two scenarios on the table if Sporting Justice re-opens the case. The first one is to undergo a new investigation into inflated transfer values AND the suspected hidden payments.

The second would be to open a brand new investigation into the alleged hidden payments.

So, what do Juventus risk if a new sporting investigation takes place?

As per Article No.31 of the Sporting Justice Code, the ‘falsification of accounting or administrative documents or any other illegal or evasive activity’ directly leading to the club’s registration for the season can cause a points deduction or the relegation to the last place of the ranking.

So only if it’s proved that Juventus’ alleged wrongdoing allowed the club’s registration for the Serie A campaign, the Bianconeri could be docked points or even relegated. This is precisely the punishment faced by Chievo Verona and Cesena in the past for inflating transfer values.

In any other case, if Juventus directors are found guilty, the club would receive a huge fine and see their directors suspended, although all of them have already resigned.

[Source: football-italia.net]