Picking a dream board for Juventus

by | 3 December, 2022 | Serie A News

Alessandro Del Piero is a highly celebrated figure at Juventus

Alessandro Del Piero is a highly celebrated figure at Juventus

Juventus are in absolute turmoil. Somehow, the Bianconeri have managed to make it all about them during an unprecedented winter World Cup that is viewed as the most controversial one yet.

The entire Juventus board suddenly resigned in late November and only one of them is staying on to manage the period while a new board is set up.

We’re going to take a look at who could join in the near future to form Juventus’ new board and get the club back on track. Juve have already announced that the board will not be in place until January 18.

Why has the Juventus board resigned?
The entire board has resigned due to the legal battles that are expected to begin shortly for the club. The club are being investigated for allegedly creating capital gains by inflating the price of their players that have been sold in recent years.

There are additional allegations of fraud in regard to the payment of salaries that were officially recorded as having been deferred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is the offence that could land Juventus in the most trouble as Article no.31 of the Sporting Justice Code – the “falsification of accounting or administrative documents or any other illegal or evasive activity” – can lead to a points deduction or relegation.

The biggest names involved are club president Andrea Agnelli, former Juventus player Pavel Nedved, and CEO Maurizio Arrivabene who will stay until the new board is in place.

Who could Juventus hire?
A few names have been linked with the vacant roles at Juventus so we’re going to take a look at who could be inheriting quite a difficult set of circumstances at the Old Lady. Whoever accepts must have serious confidence in themselves as it will be no ordinary executive role at a football club.

David Trezeguet
As is to be expected in this situation, a lot of former players have either thrown their hats into the ring or have been touted as worthy of a call by others. One of those is David Trezeguet, who played 320 games for Juve and scored 171 times.

He did an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport recently in which he made no bones about the fact that he will accept a role if the call is made.

“At Juve I spent ten years as a player and seven at the club. I did the sporting director course in Spain to get to know another type of football,” Trezeguet said.

“In 2021 I chose to end as ambassador and return to the sporting side, there was no opportunity to do that at Juve, but for me Juve is always home. I’m there for Juve, if they call me back, I’ll be back.”

Alessandro Del Piero
Former Juventus striker Alessandro Del Piero has been very vocal in the press ever since the board resignations and many have wondered why he wasn’t already part of the sporting project at Juventus.

The most recent reports suggest he will be offered Pavel Nedved’s role of vice president, which means he would be the link between the board and the sporting area of the operation. He is the club’s record scorer and appearance maker.

Giorgio Chiellini
The main link between Giorgio Chiellini and a return to Juventus in an executive role is the fact that Marco Tardelli name-checked him as a possible hire in a recent Rai 1 interview.

Considering Chiellini is still playing for LAFC in MLS, this deal would take a bit more work than the others. Chiellini would need to call time on his playing career and wait till the end of the season or find a way out of his contract.

Claudio Marchisio
Claudio Marchisio is another player mentioned by Tardelli as a plausible hire for Juventus in order to get executives who know the club inside out and also have experience of working with head coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Marchisio spent almost his entire career at Juventus and his popularity among the fan base, along with others on this list, could be very useful for generating a better atmosphere at the club to work in.

Beppe Marotta
This would be an extremely ambitious deal, but Italian journalist Rudy Galetti has suggested that Juventus have contacted Beppe Marotta to see if he will return to the club. Marotta was the CEO and General Manager of Sport at Juve between 2010 and 2018.

Now though, he is the CEO at major rivals Inter. There has been no suggestion that he is unhappy in that role, but Juventus are certainly trying everything at this stage and it would cause fireworks if Marotta was to head back again.

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