There’s nothing wrong with Dušan Vlahović

by | 24 March, 2023 | Serie A News

Dušan Vlahović

Dušan Vlahović

The Serbian striker has been the victim of complicated, difficult circumstances in his first full season with Juventus.

Up a single goal against Inter Milan in the 58th minute, Danilo, unharried, moved across midfield with the ball and threaded a pass through defensive lines to Dušan Vlahović, who took one immaculate first touch before facing the goal. As the defenders converged on the center forward, the Serbian had three options: one good, one bad, and one very good.

On his left, Matías Soulé made a nicely angled run and could’ve been played in with a sight to goal; that was a good option. Ahead, several yards outside of the penalty box and crowded by two defenders approaching, DV9 theoretically had the option to shoot; this was a bad option. On his right, Nicolò Fagioli had benefited from a ball-watching, hapless defense to go completely unmarked running into the box.

The pass from Vlahović to the young Italian would’ve been as simple as a warmup pass; there was no need for trickery, no need for the perfect angle or weight. This was the very good option, and you know what transpired from here.