by | 31 October, 2022 | Serie A News

Damiano Tommasi, the mayor of Verona and former Roma midfielder

Damiano Tommasi, the mayor of Verona and former Roma midfielder

Damiano Tommasi, the mayor of Verona and former Roma midfielder, commented on Milan’s obligations, Juventus’ issues and the Giallorossi’s chances in a Scudetto fight.

It has been a relatively positive season for Italian teams in the Champions League, with Napoli and Inter already booking their spots in the knock-out stages of the competition with one group game left to play. Milan are close to joining the two, but Juventus have been left licking their wounds after a poor European campaign, which’ll see them drop into the Europa League.

Speaking to Il Messaggero, Tommasi first discussed what defending champions Milan need to maintain moving forward.

“By history they have an obligation to stay in the Champions League and staying at that level is complicated.”

The mayor of Verona then spoke about the issues plaguing Juventus on and off the pitch this season, including their capital gains case.

“That’s a problem that needs to be solved at a structural level. As for the rest, after years of success it’s difficult to say who did wrong.

“There is a technical reconstruction underway, for matters of gratitude there are players who have stayed and today are not at the top.

“Reconstructions need time. Coming back, for Allegri, was not easy, sometimes you live on old certainties.”

Finally, Tommasi discussed Roma’s hopes of a possible Scudetto bid this season.

“I think they lack something, a couple of players to raise the level, to have a squad suitable for all competitions.”

It’s been a difficult season for Juventus, who’ve looked incredibly uninspiring domestically and very disappointing in Europe. The capital gains case risks seeing the club thrown further into chaos.