Online Casino Singapore 2022 Review | Handpicked the Best Singapore Online Casino is the best site to help you find the top online bookmakers, sport betting, soccer betting, and online casino in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for top odds, promotions, bonus or sign up offers, you’ll find everything you need here.

We are a team that loves live casino, sports, slots, poker, fishing, and lottery games just like you. We want to share our experiences and knowledge about those games and online casino site to everyone who shares the same interest as us! On this page we’ve picked the casino Singapore sites that are favourable by the peoples in Singapore. Read more on the sections below and hope you will have an excited journey into the trusted online casino Singapore.

Top Trusted Online Casino Singapore

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The Best Online Casino Singapore Sites 2022

Below are the top best sites offering online casino games in Singapore.

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    Apart from being safest and most secured payouts, these platforms also offer a wide variety of live casino games or sports gaming online, along with best bonuses in the business with a full support team available around the clock. Players will have the ability to stream live events such as blackjack, roulette, sports events betting, and online slot games in Singapore, real-time, and high definition, as well as fishing games. There are more than 100 games to choose from the above listed sites.

    Your top online casino experiences in Singapore (hand selected by us) will include the very best in slots, blackjack, roulette, poker games and a whole load of other games that we are sure will match your needs.  Whether on desktop or mobile, just take a load off and start winning, we’ve done all the trying and testing so you don’t have to.  Your journey into trusted online casino Singapore start here with us!

    Simply sign up with the betting site, opt-in for the bonus, and make a qualifying deposit. The bonus will be credited to your bonus money account and can be used to place bets on casino games. There is a wagering requirement that you must meet before you can withdraw the bonus.

    Bonuses and Promotions

    There are various bonuses and promotions offer in Singapore that you may found from all the different online casino sites. These bonuses and promotions are players’ benefits and the motivation for the players to continue to stay with the online casino site. Here are some lists of popular bonuses and promotions offered by the sites in Singapore:

    Welcome Bonus

    After you sign-up and join as a member account in an online casino site, the site will immediate topup free credit to the player’s account according to published welcome bonus details. *Player will need to make sure they also fulfilled the requirement to entitle for the Welcome Bonus.

    Deposit Bonus

    It is straightforward as it means, just make your deposit and you can get extra credit added into your account.  Most of the online casino will set a certain amount of money required to make a deposit in order to get the extra free credit.

    No Deposit Bonus

    A no-deposit bonus offers a specific number of free spins for casino games like slots when you sign up with an online casino. Unlike welcome bonuses, this type of bonus has no minimum deposit requirement. Simply signup with an online casino, claim your no-deposit bonus and start playing.

    Cashback Bonus

    Some online casino sites credit a player’s account with a specific percentage (10% for example) of their total net loss at the end of a week as a form cashback bonus. This is to cover some of the money that players has lost to the online casino sites and to encourage players to continue to play in their sites.

    Topup Bonus

    Require players to make credit top-up actions in order to be entitled to topup bonus. This promotion is usually targeted at returning players.

    Referral Bonus

    Get free credit by inviting friends, families, or relatives to join the online casino to get the rewards in return. Some casinos give the bonus is much higher than the welcome bonus.

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    Popular Games Among Singapore Players

    All the online casino in Singapore offer variety of different games to their players. The games are ranging from live casino, sports, e-sports, slots, fishing, poker, lottery and etc. we will briefly cover these games as the section below:-

    Live Casino

    live casino

    Some site also called it as ‘live dealer casino’ which the game allow players to interact with real time human dealers without the need to visit a real casino physically. The session is videograph real time from a dedicated gaming studio and players can view the same session on their PC, laptop, or mobile phone. The real dealers are in these studios and players can also interact with the real dealers through the chatbox in the site.



    Sportsbook  or sports betting is a game where players predicting sports result and place a wager on the sports result. Most of the sites offer sportsbook for various type of sports, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, racing, boxing and etc. Players can place bet on more than 2000 different big and small of live games daily. And in term of odds option, these sites usually offer multiple selection like Asian Handicaps, Over and Under, Odd and Even, 1×2 Fixed Odds, Correct Score, Total Goal, Mix Parlay, and Special Outright Betting.



    E-sports and casinos might not appear to be closely linked, but a growing number of online casinos are starting to get very excited about competitive gaming. From the arrival of special casino esports arenas in Las Vegas, to casino brands sponsoring some of the biggest e-sports teams, it seems that this relationship is going to become more closely linked. To bet on an E-sports game, be it CS:GO, Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends or any other pro video game, players will place a wager on the outcome of a certain game. You could bet on who the most valuable player will be, or the final score. It works almost the same like sports betting above, E-sports players use real money to place a bet on the e-sports game.



    Slots games appeared to be one of the top 3 popular casino games among Singapore players. Due to the slots games can be played anywhere and anytime on players devices, and there are thousand of different type of slots games that players can access from the casino sites, we cannot link with a reason why slots game cannot become a popular game among the players. There are four main types of slots games. Slots games range from the classic three-reel games based on the very first slot machines to multi-payline, video slots, and progressive slots that come jam-packed with innovative bonus features and ways to win.

    Fishing Game


    Fishing games is a type of an arcade gambling game where you can win money by gambling money, and assuming control over an underwater cannon aiming at all sorts of maritime wildlife. Fishing game gambling for real money are the closest players will get to skill-based gaming in online casinos these days. The experience is fun, can be highly rewarding, and is definitely becoming more popular by the day. The maritime-themed games are designed to catch the eye and let you blow stuff up or harpoon it underwater while claiming a plentiful bounty in the process.



    Online casinos offer a varied selection of poker games, from Texas hold ’em and stud poker to the ever-popular five-card draw. With both virtual and live dealer options to choose from, you can take a chance against the computer or compete in real, high stakes tournaments with professional dealers.



    One of the popular game under lottery is Keno. Keno is a game of chance similar to bingo, based on the drawing of numbers and covering of corresponding numbers on cards. But how players play Keno in online casino site? The Keno is actually the “lottery on demand”. Players pick the numbers, wait for the casino to draw a series of numbers, and then get paid out based on how many numbers the players were able to guess guess correctly. Everything is simple, quick, and convenient.

    How We Review and Rank The Best Online Casino of Singapore

    There’s plenty of things that come into your mind when looking around to start your journey in online casino especially in Singapore, where there is such a choice of sites to choose from. We’ve picked out the best in the table above, but there are plenty more around. These selections weren’t simply made at random. Like everything else we do at Betsport88, they were the result of extensive research and fair, balanced analysis. To give you a little more insight, here’s a look at the most important factors we based our rankings on.

    Reliability and Trustworthiness

    One of the most frequently asked questions in Singapore is – Is this betting site reliable and trustworthy? Almost every players whether experienced or amatuer has this question before signing up with a online casino site, and rightly so.

    We check for reliability and trustworthiness in every online casino Singapore review that we performed. Some major areas where these qualities come into the picture are settlement of bets and withdrawal. Availability of customer service 24/7 and the nature of the service is another measure of trustworthiness. On top of that, our selected list is all licensed and regulated by the world’s leading entertainment companies, as well as loyal players of the security group: eCOGRA, EGBA, GLI. This ensures that these betting sites are protected with the latest encryption protocols, most modern next-gen firewalls. Players’ personal information and transaction data is encyrpted and stored securely and players can enjoy betting in the site with peace of mind.

    The responsiveness of representatives to a player’s problem/issue and the ability to resolve it ASAP is also on our checklist when looking for reliability in a online casino site. Thus all the Singapore online casino in our selected list has established a team of customer service that operates 24/7, and their customer service personnel always standy to answer the inquiries from players and resolve any issue that the player.

    Deposit and Withdrawal Options

    This is a make-or-break factor for most of the new players when deciding to register an account with a particular online casino site. We understand the importance of ease of betting which involves simple and fast deposit methods.

    Many of the online casino sites in Singapore have moved towards local payment methods for Singapore players. When reviewing for an online casino site, in addition to credit cards and bank card (Visa/Master), we also check for local favourable deposit methods like PayNow and crypto currency payment(BTC, ETH, USDT).

    The consideration of deposit transaction processing time is also crucial for for a reputable online casino site. The good one will always guarantee the deposit request will be processed within 5-10 minutes. For withdrawals, the time for the site to confirm and disburse will be longer, usually within hours and up to 24 working hours, provided that all information you provide is accurate as required by that website. However, for some methods of withdrawals, it may take longer from 3-5 business days. If you feel the wait is too long, please contact the customer service team quickly to be processed promptly.

    Lastly, we also check the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount imposed by the online casino site for different method of deposit and withdrawal. We believe that our efforts in doing this can help players in choosing the right online casino site to start their journey in online betting Singapore.

    Sign Up Process at Betting Sites

    In today’s fast-paced world every online casino site is competing to make its sign-up process quicker and simpler. During our review, we also look for intuitiveness in the sign-up process of a online casino site. This is important for players who are new to online casino and online betting.

    Reading a lot of information on the signup page that explains the steps may confuse and leave the player with more questions than answers. A signup process that has fewer steps and progresses quickly allowing new players to register within minutes is what we look for in a online casino site.

    Once players are signed up, players can also download the Android or iOS version of the online casino site and start playing the casino games anywhere and anytime.

    Ease of Use

    It’s so important to find a professional online casino site that is naturally easy to navigate, the interface is intuitive, creating a friendly with elegant color gamut. Aside from being modern design interface and color rich interface, players also need to be able to find player account details and easily be able to get in touch with customer service if needed. A professional and serious-into-business online casino site will have a certain investment in their products, giving players absolute comfort and friendliness experiences for every visit. If your current online casino site is not meeting the criteria above, then it is suggested that you should start checking out another online casino site.

    The layout of the function buttons is also in a conspicuous position, helping players get the most comfortable and convenient experience, especially for players who register for the first time. The list of games menu, the ongoing promotion details, betting odds, sports live match system are clearly divided and professionally designed.

    In addition, a professionally built platform and website must have a fast page loading speed, rarely encountering delays or slow loading speed,  and a stable connection during the entire betting session. Try imagine that out of suddenly the site is disconnected when the player is in the middle of a betting session!

     Players Safety and Security

    If you don’t feel safe when betting in  your current online casino site, then it’s time for you to look for a new siteo. There are many criteria for a reputable online casino site, but  in our opinion the most important criteria among all is the safety and security of the players.

    I believe every players will concern that whether an online casino site seriously taking care the security of their personal information, transaction information, and will the player’s data get leaking? Also worrying that waking up on a random morning and seeing your account with the online casino site disappear, and maybe the account has a decent credits in it. Its a nightmare that we don’t even wish to think about it right?

    It’s crucial to find an online casino site that the player had enough of trust to deposit money into, and one that will keep your money safe. Beside that, an online casino site should have a helpful and responsive customer support team that are always ready to render the support and helps to the players whenever the  players need them. FAQ sections with rich content and article should be easily accessible to players, the FAQ content may include things like deposit and withdrawal limits, deposit and withdrawal method, common player problems and how to resolve them, and as well as the methods to reach customer support team.

     Bonuses and Promotions

    If there’s one thing that can easily set one online casino apart from the rest, it’s their bonuses and promotions. In order to encourage and bring players many attractive bonuses, all of the sites will regularly roll out different kind of promotions. Obviously, an impressive and easy to understand welcome offer is a key first impression. But, it’s also important to find a site that has regular promotions on popular events. Ideally, there’ll be regular offers that pop up every week for existing customers to claim.

    The first promotion that new players can enjoy definitely will be the Welcome Bonus that usually offers 100%-300% extra bonus on the first deposit that the new players deposit to their account. You may question how is this 100%-300% Welcome Bonus works? It is as simple as you deposit $100 and the online casino site will topup an extra $100 and credits total of $200 to your account(if it is 100% Welcome Bonus). There is other promotion that even give free credits to new player once they successfully registered an account with the online casino site, without the need of any initial deposit by the new players. Online casino usually named this kind of promotion as ‘Free Bet Bonus‘. Thanks to this, new players has some risk-free chances to try their luck in the online casino site.


    Betting odds is the clearest thing that can separate a good online casino from a bad one. If the online casino you use isn’t offering the most competitive odds, then is there really any reason you shouldn’t be looking elsewhere? Finding the best odds is the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck whilst doing online betting. At Betsport88, we can help out by monitoring the odds of all online casino to bring you the site with the best value.